Technology Access Program (TAP-IN)  

Access to widely-used standards through open source 

Synopsys' Technology Access Program (TAP-IN) promotes EDA tool interoperability through open source licensing and support of key interfaces for all EDA vendors and customers. TAP-IN provides free access to widely-used formats to improve EDA tool interoperability for the benefit of customers throughout the industry.

Open Source Formats
Interconnect Technology Format (ITF)
Open Source Liberty
Switching Activity Interchange Format (SAIF)
Synopsys Design Constraints (SDC)
V-SDC for Equivalency Checking

Participating in TAP-IN Program
The ITF, SAIF, SDC and V-SDC formats are available for download through Synopsys.
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The remaining formats are available separately. Click on any of the listings above to take you to the individual websites.

Contact Us
For additional information regarding the TAP-IN program, please contact us at the following.
TAP-IN Program