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Process Simulation and Structure Generation
2D Process Simulation (Sentaurus Process)
3D Process Simulation (Sentaurus Process 3D)
Kinetic Monte Carlo Process Simulation (Sentaurus Process KMC)
Topography Simulation (Sentaurus Topography)
Lithography Simulation (Sentaurus Lithography)
Structure Editing (Sentaurus Structure Editor)

Device Simulation
2D Device Simulation (Sentaurus Device)
3D Device Simulation (Sentaurus Device 3D)
Monte Carlo Device Simulation (Sentaurus Device Monte Carlo)
FDTD Electromagnetic Solver (Sentaurus Device EMW)

Interconnect Analysis
Detailed Interconnect Simulation (RAPHAEL)
Critical Net Parasitic Extraction (StarRC Rapid 3D)
Backend Interconnect Stress Analysis (Fammos)

Manufacturing Optimization and Control
Process Compact Models and TCAD for Manufacturing (Sentaurus TFM)

Process-aware DFM
Analysis of stress and well proximity effects on transistor characteristics (Seismos)
Extraction of process-dependent SPICE models for process variability analysis (Paramos)

Consulting and Engineering
ESD Analysis and Design
Other Engineering Services

Please check which semiconductor technologies you are working with:

CMOS (Bulk, SOI)
Bipolar (BJT, BiCMOS, SiGe HBT)
Silicon Carbide Devices
Photodetectors (Si, III-V, HgCdTe, GaN)

Memory (DRAM, Flash, SONOS)
Power (IGBT, DMOS, LDMOS, etc)
III-Nitride HFET
Laser and LED
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