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Custom Processors: A Better Way of Dealing with Design Changes

What do you do when at the last minute someone changes a critical part of the specification for the hardware block that was just about ready? And no, scream is not the answer. Dealing with change has become more important than ever - whether to support a new emerging standard or to respond to a cool new functionality that your competition just released. And, as if the drive towards more flexibility isn't complex enough, designers are being tasked with creating products that not only provide exceptional versatility; they also need to deal with growing performance demands and power efficiency while meeting time-to-market pressure.

So what about trading fixed hardware implementation for software flexibility? This white paper provides you with the understanding of how custom processors offer the flexibility needed to deal with multiple standards, multiple modes and late design changes as well as help minimize verification effort. By means of specialization, they also offer an attractive trade-off between power, performance and area. This makes them ideal for use in a wide variety of applications including video, audio, security, networking, baseband, control and industrial automation applications.

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