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Vertically Optimized 32/28 nm Solution - Samsung, IBM, ARM and Synopsys

This session, hosted by ARM, IBM, Samsung and Synopsys, introduces a new level of collaboration necessary to address the cost and technical challenges associated with advanced mobile SoC design and manufacturing. As semiconductor technology approaches fundamental physical limits and design complexity reaches unprecedented levels, a deeper type of technical alignment is essential.

Learn how this extended collaboration enables customers to deliver optimized ARM based 32/28LP mobile SoC designs while achieving faster time-to-market at reduced risks and design costs. We explain how this collaboration is enabling a proven turnkey design solution for optimizing innovation and accelerating your design with best-in-class technology, physical and processor IP and tool/flow solutions for the IBM and International Semiconductor Development Alliance (ISDA) 32nm/28nm high-k metal-gate (HKMG) process technology.

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