Synopsys Users Group

SNUG Israel 2006 Proceedings

User Papers and Presentations
A1: SystemVerilog R&D/User Panel
Author(s): Gabi Bracha [Dune]

Author(s): Tom Alsop [Intel]

A3: HSIM Update Tutorial/User Experience/Q&A Panel
HSIM Update Tutorial
Author(s): Dr. Itzik Zafrany [Synopsys]

Managing Simulations With HSIM GUI
Author(s): Bronfman [Saifun]
Paper Presentation

A4: Test DSM Tutorial/User Experience/Q&A Panel
Advanced SCAN Techniques for Deep Submicron Technologies
Author(s): Eran Arad [Conexant]
Paper Presentation

Test DSM
Author(s): Adam Crone [Synopsys]

B1: Verification Best Practice User Experiences
Distributed Full System Simulation Using SystemC (1st Place - Best Paper)
Author(s): Yaron Shachar [Dune]
Paper Presentation

From RDB to SoC Verification
Author(s): Gal Algavish, Ofer Affias [WisAir]
Paper Presentation

Using RVM to Verify WIMAX Modem
Author(s): Dafna Senderovitch [Alvarion]
Paper Presentation

B3: Extraction Tutorial/User Experience/Q&A Panel
Author(s): Moshe Azar [Synopsys]

Linking the Tools Chain in Synopsys Flow
Author(s): Eyal Bernstein, Ezra Cohen-Yashar [Tower]
Paper Presentation

B4: Design Planning with Jupiter-XT R&D/User Panel
Design Planning with Jupiter-XT
Author(s): Neeraj Kaul, Zvi Webb [Synopsys], Gal Gotlieb [DSPG], Ofer Geva [Zoran]

C1: Verification Methodology User Experiences
Assertion Based Verification, Checkers and Smart Lint
Author(s): Itai Yarom, Viji Patil [Intel Israel]
Paper Presentation

Building Reusable, Random, Constraint Based, and Coverage Driven Verification IPs in the Vera Language
Author(s): Yoav Arnon [Arnon Verification Ltd]
Paper Presentation

Predictable Verification Solutions
Author(s): Akiva Michelson [ACE Verification]
Paper Presentation

Unified Functional Verification Approach for GPON SoC Application
Author(s): Baruch Bergenfeld [Intrinsix]
Paper Presentation

C2: Low Power Design User Experiences
AstroRail Power Gating Analysis Using Switch Cell Methodology
Author(s): Efrat Ilia [Intel]
Paper Presentation

Low Power Design Methodology
Author(s): Michael Boukaya [Ceva]
Paper Presentation

Margin Selection Criteria for Area and Dynamic Power Reduction
Author(s): Rafy Diaz [Texas Instruments]
Paper Presentation

C3: Composite Current Source (CCS) Modeling Technology Tutorial
Composite Current Source (CCS) Modeling Technology
Author(s): Dominique Lariviere [Synopsys]

C4: Design Implementation Tools Updates in Galaxy 2005 Tutorial/ User Experience/Q&A Panel
Design Implementation Tools Updates in Galaxy 2005
Author(s): Peter Kornis, Tsachi Beck, Eli Dagan, Avri Shenwald [Synopsys]

The Congestion Dragon Can be Defeated. Fighting Congestion Techniques with Physical Compiler
Author(s): Avri Shenwald [Synopsys]
Paper Presentation