What Can We Learn about Quality from the Hubble Space Telescope?
Technology has come to one of many cliffs. Too often, massively complex constructions are brought down by an event that is lost in the minutia. Case in point, the initial failure of the Hubble Space Telescope. Through a series of what appeared to be defensive steps, a complete failure was inadvertently created. What has been clearly taught over the last 30 years is that it is not effective to perform your contribution perfectly; you must defend your contribution from potential attack. You must chose to climb to the top of the cliff that appears at the beginning of the project to a higher ground, not be swept to your demise over the cliff at the end of the path that is not yet seen in the rush to complete. But, which of the cliffs that you see ahead, or to the side, do you chose to climb and how? This talk will point to how to choose where to put extra effort and it is left to you to determine how best to make the ascent
Dr. Kevin Thompson, Synopsys