Fast SoC Emulation 


Traditional ASIC emulation has made little progress in a decade:

  • Emulation speeds still below 2 MHz, much lower for large designs
  • Price tags approaching seven digits even when leasing equipment
  • High-maintenance systems requiring dedicated support, special electrical and cooling requirements, and significant floor space
  • Chip technology at least two generations behind the state of the art, with a product cycle of 3 to 5 years between generations

This is where Synopsys' ZeBu emulators come in. You don't design chips today the same way you did ten years ago, and at Synopsys, we applied the same idea when designing ZeBu fast emulators, including ZeBu-Server, our enterprise-level, Fast SoC emulation system. With this advanced emulation technology, you get:

  • Fast SoC Emulation, with design emulation frequencies ranging from 1MHz, for billion gate designs, up to 12MHz for smaller designs
  • Virtually unlimited design capacity
  • A compact form factor and low power consumption using the latest silicon technologies, which helps deliver high speed at the lowest cost of ownership
  • Ultimately, the extra speed you get with ZeBu enables you to perform better pre-silicon verification and software validation. The return on investment (ROI) is at least an order of magnitude higher than traditional emulation, so it's easy to justify the use of ZeBu in your project.

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