Case Studies 


Each design segment has its own specific requirements for verification and validation. Learn why ZeBu is particularly well suited for:

  • Graphics & Video: easily stream full video frames using transactors and verify complete reference sequences
  • Processors: whether you have self-checking diagnostics or want to verify operating systems and drivers, ZeBu delivers
  • Wireless Platforms: build the platform with the interfaces of your choice by easily connecting software transactors
  • Electonic-System Level (ESL): use transactors to easily integrate RTL models into ESL Virtual Platforms, while maintaining high performance and providing extensive debug capabilities
  • Storage: stream data using transactors for hardware verification, performance analysis, and firmware validatation
  • Networking: stream live traffic through your chip and easily design scoreboards and other monitors to keep track of what goes where, reach corner cases in seconds
  • Automotive: when quality and safety is critical, only fast emulation delivers

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