Verdi Interoperable Applications (VIA) Video Series 

This series begins with an introduction to Verdi Interoperable Apps (VIA). If you are familiar with Verdi, you already know that Verdi is a powerful and intuitive debug platform used by thousands of engineers across the world. VIA allows you to customize your Verdi workflow, directly interact with Verdi’s design and signal data, or link Verdi to other applications.

Each month we will cover additional topics related to the various examples of applications you can create with VIA. These videos includes real live demos on how VIA can help with everyday debug challenges, and that it only takes a few minutes to start reaping the benefits of VIA. So if you are ready to customize your debug experience, remember that everything you need to get started is just a click away.

The VIA Exchange website offers a variety of documents such as training materials, reference manual, VIA example apps and an active forum of experts. Learn more at and attend online introductory webinar.

Verdi datasheet

Steve Chappell, Senior Manager
CAE Technology Group, Verification, Synopsys

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