Hardware-Assisted Verification 

High-performance Emulation and Prototyping 

Increases in the size and complexity of SoC HW and embedded SW are driving the need for verification with massive testbenches and long tests – often spanning billions of cycles. Advanced verification technology is now required to meet the challenge of delivering the verification performance required for the largest SoCs. Synopsys’ ZeBu emulation solutions deliver the highest performance, highest capacities, and the best cost-per-gate in the industry. These solutions include ZeBu-Server and ZeBu-Blade2, for emulation, zFast, ZEMI-3, ZeBuWare and transaction-based VIP, for fast bring-up time, and ZeBu Debug, a comprehensive suite of emulation-based debug tools.


Billion gate acceleration and emulation for the enterprise

Acceleration and emulation for the desktop

Behavioral SystemVerilog Compiler for Transactor BFMs

Emulation Validation IP
A family of application specific validation platforms for emulation

ZeBu fast synthesis

ZeBu Debug
A comprehensive suite of debug tools for emulation

ZeBuWare (ZW-FPGA)
FPGA-synthesizable, DesignWare compatible library

FPGA-based Prototyping
A comprehensive at-speed system validation platform that dramatically accelerates HW/SW co-design and embedded SW development

  • Highest performance and capacity for the most challenging designs
  • SystemVerilog and VHDL
  • Supports all simulators and debug environments including VCS, Verdi, Incisive, MTI
  • Extensive library of synthesizable transactors
  • Based on industry standards to secure your verification investments

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