PCIe Verification IP 


The Discovery™ PCI Express (PCIe) Verification IP (VIP) is designed to help thoroughly verify PCI Express Gen1, Gen2 and Gen3 designs. With a comprehensive set of protocol, methodology, coverage, verification and productivity features, users can achieve rapid verification closure of their PCIe designs. The Discovery PCIe VIP includes software/firmware equivalent application layers that vastly simplify testbench development. These provide easy-to-use APIs for generating PCIe traffic: a driver application to generate all PCIe transactions, a target application to automatically respond to completion requests and a requester application to generate background traffic. An NVMe Application Layer is also available. The Discovery PCIe VIP is integrated with the Discovery Protocol Analyzer, a protocol-aware debug environment that simplifies debug of complex hierarchical protocols like PCIe. The Discovery PCIe VIP supports UVM and Verilog testbenches. The Discovery PCI Express VIP runs on all popular simulators.

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Discovery VIP for PCI Express

Primary Features
  • Root complex and endpoint models
  • PIPE, PCS/PMA level, or SERDES interfaces
  • Support for Gen 1, 2 and 3, including spread spectrum clocking
  • Includes separate built-in host and target memories
  • Full-link speed and width negotiation up to 32 lanes
  • Automated error injection at all layers (injection, verification and recovery)
  • Scalable architecture supports multiple instantiations to test multi-port hosts or devices
  • Checkers to verify protocol timing checks and functional accuracy at each layer
  • Configurable pattern generation for random, directed or erroneous patterns
  • Status tracking at each level to help determine corner-case coverage
  • User call-backs and hooks for use in directed tests
  • Supports all major simulators

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