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Introduced earlier this year, the Cray XE6™ supercomputer was built upon the proven petascale technologies of the Cray XT product line. Designed to scale to over 1 million AMD Opteron processor cores, the Cray XE6 product has been engineered to meet science’s ever-toughening demands for scalability, reliability and flexibility.

The most recent release of the Cray Linux Environment™ includes a Cluster Compatibility Mode that supports out-of-the-box compatibility with Linux/x86 versions of ISV software in addition to proprietary scalable applications. For the first time, users can use a single machine to run both types of workloads.

Cray CX1000™ - Why Settle for A Cluster … When You Can Have A Cray?
The Cray CX1000 system is a dense, power-efficient and powerful rack-mounted supercomputer that allows you to leverage the latest Intel® Xeon® processors. Available with compute blades, NVIDIA Tesla® GPU computing blades and SMP nodes built on Intel’s QuickPath Interconnect (QPI) technology, the Cray CX1000 system can be configured as a high(brid) performance computer. For large memory EDA requirements, the Cray CX1000 SMP capability allows 128 processor cores and a Terabyte of memory in a single system image.

The Cray CX1000 supercomputer comes with Cray Cluster Manager - a "re-think" of how open clusters are deployed and managed. It is a complete, certified solution that includes all the tools required to quickly deploy, run and manage HPC clusters with ease. Powered by Platform Computing, Cray Cluster Manager is built for optimal performance and uptime, while offering management, support and update benefits that are simply not possible with other cluster management solutions.

Swift Engineering Case Study
View the Interactive Case Study and find out how Swift Engineering leverages the Cray CX1000 to design and engineer Indy race cars. (registration required)

Cray CX1™: We Take Supercomputing Personally
Affordably priced, the Cray CX1 supercomputer is purpose-built for offices, labs or other constrained environments – where datacenter infrastructure is either unavailable or too expensive. With an innovative modular design that can be configured with up to eight blades with dual Intel Xeon processors (96 cores total), high performance graphics, Tesla GPUs, storage, InfiniBand and Gigabit Ethernet networking. These systems allow for incredible flexibility in a chassis. The Cray CX1 can deliver over a Teraflop of compute power in addition to 3D graphics, which can eliminate the need for a separate workstation.

To bring HPC capabilities to the broader community, the Cray CX1 supercomputer offers multiple operating environments, including Microsoft Windows HPC Server and Linux. The system also includes Cray Cluster Manager, powered by Platform Computing, to deploy and manage a cluster configuration.

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