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The home network has become as important as phone service and cable TV, driven by the demand for constant access to online applications, media content and social networks. The performance and cost of networking technologies have come a long way in recent years, but there is still progress to be made before home networks are truly fool-proof. In addition to the skyrocketing bandwidth requirements of connected devices, consumers face many challenges when networking their homes – from the mind-boggling array of products and complicated installation, to spotty wireless coverage and inconvenient location of wired connections. As a result, people are often forced to adapt to the shortcomings of their network.

Atheros, a leading provider of wired and wireless connectivity solutions, envisions a home network that adapts to the unique environment and bandwidth needs of each household. Since there is no one-size-fits-all home network technology, Atheros is leveraging the strengths of multiple technologies to deliver the best of the wired and wireless worlds.

By combining its XSPAN® wireless LAN, AMP™ powerline and ETHOS® Ethernet technologies, Atheros is enabling a new class of hybrid networking products that allow consumers to easily build a home network with the performance they need, where they need it. Atheros' hybrid solutions also include "behind the scenes" software intelligence to simplify network setup and management. Improving the consumer networking experience is the first step, but the benefits of hybrid networks will soon enable service providers to deliver next-generation media services to and throughout the digital home.

Atheros offers a variety of turnkey reference designs that enable networking manufacturers to quickly deliver hybrid products that consumers can mix-and-match to suit their unique networking needs. These new reference designs include the Wi-Fi/PLC Router, 1-port and 4-port PLC/Ethernet Adapters, and the Wi-Fi/PLC Range Extender.

AMP™ Powerline
Powerline technology turns every electrical outlet into an Ethernet jack, without adding new wires. Atheros offers the industry’s highest performing and most reliable powerline solutions based on the HomePlug AV and new IEEE1901 standards. In a hybrid network, powerline routers and adapters are ideal for delivering up to 200 Mbps of network bandwidth to TVs, Blu-ray disc players, set-top boxes and storage devices anywhere in the home.

XSPAN® Wireless LAN
Not only is Wi-Fi the most popular home networking technology on the planet, but Atheros’ XSPAN technology is the industry’s most widely adopted Wi-Fi brand. Based on the latest 802.11n standard, XSPAN solutions offer significantly higher performance (up to 450 Mbps) over greater distances than previous wireless technologies. By using powerline for fixed devices, hybrid networks reserve the wireless bandwidth for mobile devices, such as smartphones, laptops, portable games and eReaders. In the far corners and other trouble-spots in the home, consumers can extend their wireless network by simply plugging a hybrid range extender into an electrical outlet.

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