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Unrivalled connected experiences with single chip LTE triple-mode modem 

Renesas Figure 1The SP2531 LTE triple-mode modem platform integrates a single-chip triple-mode modem baseband processor that supports LTE/HSPA+/GSM, RF transceiver ICs, high power amplifiers, power management devices and related software. The platform has integrated voice capability (VAMOS, WB-AMR and VoLTE), and is targeted at the convergence & Smartphone market which demands high performance, high levels of integration and a power efficient implementation. It supports TD-LTE and FDD-LTE cat-3 (100 Mbps DL / 50Mbps UL) along with HSPA+ data rates of 42Mbps (DL) /11.5Mbps (UL) with global coverage through its unique RF design.

The innovative and highly integrated design has been designed to be configurable and flexible to support multiple combinations of modes such as dual and triple mode, selectable 3GPP features as well as RF bands. The best-in-class HSPA performance also benefits from a 5th generation HSPA receiver with interference mitigation capability that is up to 40% better than the competition (based on internal benchmarking). This shows the efficiency of our implementation and the unique RF flexibility that gives global coverage and wide band support.

Renesas Figure 2The underlying modem technology is used in billions of devices with every major operator and in every country. This wealth of experience brings our customers the widespread operator acceptance and bespoke field support capabilities inherited from Nokia through the acquisition of the Wireless Modem group, that allow fast product ramp-up.

Renesas Mobile’s modem technology is the most integrated and compact in the industry, resulting in both a highly competitive eBoM and form factor for multimode applications. We also provide highly optimized production testing solutions, which - adding to the robust field performance of our chipsets - further optimize total cost of ownership for our customers.

Renesas Figure 3
Our product portfolio includes:
  • High-performance multi-core applications processors with advanced computing and graphics capability including leadership video expertise which offers 1080p HD 60fps video encode and decode and up to 5 times the graphics performance of current chipsets;
  • Integrated communications processors combining the applications processors with our world-class multi-mode modems on a single chip; and
  • Slim modem chipsets supporting web tablets and high-end smartphones
  • Certified platforms to accelerate our customer’s time to market.

Renesas Figure 4This is all combined with an innovative low power management methodology based on Renesas Mobile’s vast design experience of highly integrated SoCs and multi-core systems to meet the demanding low power requirements of smartphones, tablets and convergence devices.

Renesas Mobile is the worlds’ preeminent cellular platform and component supplier in multimode, LTE and future cellular technologies pushing the connection of everything everywhere in consumer, CE and M2M markets. The huge positive heritage Renesas Mobile has, and the innovation we are bringing to market backed by the incredible momentum of our existing business enables Renesas Mobile to create new solutions with unprecedented flexibility and scope.

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