SX-CDS Link and SX-DAIC Link 


SX-Link framework integrations offer direct schematic-to-viewer cross probing capabilities from several industry standard schematic entry tools. The link product delivers unprecedented performance compared to existing solutions and offers universal format support to all simulators.

  • Enables cross-probing to all simulators
  • Loads large waveforms significantly faster than built-in viewer
  • Uses significantly less memory than built-in viewer
  • Supports Cadence Composer
  • Supports Cadence Analog Artist
  • Supports Cadence VSdE/Aptivia
  • Supports parametric analysis in Analog Artist
  • Supports bus probing in Cadence environment
  • Direct equation setup from schematic in Cadence environment
  • Color-matching waveform/probe in Cadence environment
  • Supports Mentor Graphics Design Architect IC.

SC-CDS Link for Cadence Composer

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