The Gold Standard for Accurate Circuit Simulation Just Got Faster Again! 

Ever-shrinking technology nodes and increasing design complexity continue to drive the need for silicon-accurate simulation. Encompassing the most accurate and advanced device models and simulation algorithms, HSPICE® continues to be design and verification engineers’ leading choice for silicon-accurate circuit simulation.

Over the past few releases, Synopsys’ ongoing commitment to HSPICE innovation has yielded some incredible improvements in simulation performance while maintaining HSPICE golden accuracy to silicon. For more than three years, each release of HSPICE has run significantly faster than the preceding release. With the March 2010 release of HSPICE, expect to see your simulations run at least 2X faster than they did a few years ago. More specifically, here is a list of some of our most recent improvements in HSPICE:

  • 7X faster than the March 2005 release, on average, across analog, digital and mixed-signal circuits
  • 4X faster cell characterization running Liberty™ NCX with HSPICE vs. the Sept 2007 releases of both products
  • 5X faster for large pre- and post-layout circuits on 1 core compared to the March 2007 release on 1 core, and
  • 11X faster on 8 cores (multi-threading) compared to the March 2007 release on 1 core
  • 100X faster signal integrity bit error rate measurements running Stateye analysis compared to Transient analysis
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