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“We evaluated HSPICE Precision Parallel technology to speed up our multimillion-element complex clock mesh network simulatio. HSPICE Precision Parallel technology allowed us to achieve one-day turnaround time for ECO, extraction and simulation while using less memory and delivered the timing resolution needed to support clock mesh circuit integrity.”
Antonio Tedesco, SMTS Design Engineer, Graphics Silicon Engineering group
Advanced Micro Devices

“We use HSPICE to simulate analog and mixed-signal circuits such as PLL synthesizers. The multiple simulation algorithms in HSPICE for RF analyses—harmonic balance (HB), Shooting Newton (SN), and phase noise extraction capabilities—are powerful in characterizing the various PLL loop blocks. Additionally, the use of compiled Verilog-A in HSPICE for signal and noise characteristics results in dramatic speed-up of the design optimization time.”
Jan Sysr, Title
CertiCon a.s.

“We rely on HSPICE to simulate our analog designs with sophisticated digital control logic functions. Using the latest HSPICE Precision Parallel technology on a data converter, we obtained a 7X speed-up on eight cores, reducing a multiple-day simulation to about 8 hours. HPP enables our analog engineers to improve productivity by simulating multiple iterations of the designs in a single day.”
Xiaowei Wang, Director of Analog Design

“HSPICE has been used as the golden foundation for standard cell characterization to ensure our silicon success of SoC projects. The recent HSPICE 2010.03 further improves simulation performance and helps us to get 2X better simulation productivity with the same golden accuracy.”
Jennifer Lo, CAD Manager

“With HSPICE, we were able to run our analog IP and standard cell circuits two times faster than our existing solution. In addition, Custom WaveView significantly improved our verification productivity by delivering an easy-to-use, feature-rich and high-performance waveform analysis solution. We are now able to instantly render large waveforms and run automatic specification verification functions.”
Paul Ouyang, Vice President of Design Services

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