TCAD Enables Moore’s Law to Continue
TCAD is that critical software technology that enables the development of new devices at 10 nm, 7 nm and even 5 nm.
May 03, 2015

Synopsys and Leading-Edge Litho
Synopsys focuses on the leading edge of lithography.
Mar 24, 2015

Noise from electronic circuitry causes design headaches
Design teams are trying to find ways to overcome the apparently random nature of electronic interference.
Jan 20, 2014

Simulations Enhance the Development of Power Devices
Simulations hold the key to unlocking the potential of wideband gap semiconductor transistors with novel architectures, say Hugh Wong, Nelson Braga, Shiyang Tian and Ricardo Borges from Synopsys.
Nov 24, 2011

Automotive power electronics components and systems
Electrification is driving the need for comprehensive multi-domain system simulation in hybrid-electric and electric vehicles - Power Systems Design.
Aug 17, 2011

Simulation in Photovoltaics: From Solar Cells to Full-Scale Arrays
Simulation provides key insights into the physics of solar cell operation, enabling engineers to explore the full range of design alternatives. At the module and system levels, behavioral models allow engineers to examine design trade-offs that can affect system performance - Solar Industry Magazine
May 11, 2010

Modeling of stress and narrow-width effects in shallow trench isolation
This article describes two examples of the interaction between shallow trench isolation (STI) and transistor performance. The first example examines the impact of STI on the threshold voltage of narrow-width transistors—the so-called narrow-width effect. The second example addresses a larger area by considering the stresses induced by STI on nearby transistors - Solid State Technology
Feb 01, 2010

Simulation of multi-junction solar cells for performance optimization
Recent model development and simulation case studies of multi-junction solar cells show the value of numerical simulation in cell design and optimization - PV World.
Jul 22, 2009

Applying TCAD sim to PV, 3D TSVs Video Interview
Ric Borges of Synopsys discusses the application of TCAD simulation to multijunction and CPV solar cells in a video interview with Debra Vogler of Solid State Technology.
Jul 16, 2009

Simulating Solar Cells with TCAD
Ric Borges, senior product marketing manager at Synopsys, reviews a range of photovoltaic technologies and explains how TCAD simulation can help engineers produce more efficient solar cells. Synopsys Insight, Issue 1, 2009
Mar 03, 2009

Solar Cell Simulation Video Interview
Ric Borges, senior product marketing manager at Synopsys, talks to Pete Singer at Solid State Technology about Synopsys’ TCAD products for solar cell simulation.
Jul 14, 2008

Semiconductor International, Nov 2007: Strain Engineering and Layout Context Variability at 45 nm
We review various stress sources at the 45 nm node, discuss a methodology for treating the layout dependency, and examine the potential of hybrid-orientation technology (HOT).
Nov 16, 2007

Electronic Products, June 2007: Simulation technique for optimizing white-LED design
White light-emitting diodes (LED) are currently a source of great research and commercial interest in view of the revolutionary energy-efficiency and cost-savings potential offered by solid-state lighting.
Jun 16, 2007

Compound Semiconductor Magazine, July 2006: Simulations provide additional insights into GaN HFET reliability
GaN HFETs are attracting considerable attention as high-power and high-frequency devices for radar, avionics and wireless base-station transmitters, thanks to the unique material properties of III-N material.
Jul 16, 2006

Photonics Tech Brief, July 2006: DFM Your Device? Simulation is the Answer
Design for Manufacturing (DFM) has taken off like a rocket in the electronics industry in recent years.
Jul 16, 2006

Semiconductor Manufacturing, December 2005: Bringing Manufacturing Into Design Through TCAD
In implementing design-for-manufacturability (DFM) and design-for-yield (DFY) methodologies, it is necessary to go beyond layout printability issues and consider process variability. Technology CAD (TCAD) refers to the use of computer simulations to model semiconductor process and device behaviors.
Dec 16, 2005

Using DFM Hot-spot Analysis for Predicting Resist Patterns
As process tolerances decrease, significant yield losses are observed specifically due to differences between the design layout and how the resist actually prints on the wafer.
Dec 01, 2005

The Hot 100 Products of 2005: Lithography Simulator Helps Designers Check Integrity of OPC Layouts
It's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it. Every year, EDN's editors receive thousands of product announcements, and it's their job to narrow these thousands of choices into the hundreds of newsworthy items that each year grace the pages of EDN.
Oct 16, 2005

Solid State Technology, July Issue: Options at the 45nm node include engineered substrates
Compatibility with existing design methodology dictates the continued use of planar transistors at the 45nm technology node.
Jul 16, 2005

Semiconductor International, June 2005: DFM: Worlds Collide, then Cooperate
Since the 130 nm node, design complexity has been on a collision course with deep-submicron manufacturing issues, eventually leading to multiple respins and dramatic yield losses that culminated into the latest new field – design-for-manufacturing (DFM).
Jun 16, 2005

Micro Magazine, June 2005: LITHOGRAPHY: Can’t we all just get along? Designers and manufacturers grapple with DFM
Although much progress has been made over the past few years to bridge the traditional gaps between the chip design and manufacturing communities, some of those involved can’t even settle on what the ubiquitous initialism DFM means: Is it design for manufacturing (the most common definition) or design for manufacturability (perhaps the more accurate one)?
Jun 16, 2005

EE Times, April 2005: What Designers need to know about TCAD?
Issues with manufacturability and yield are forcing the EDA industry and IC manufacturing to move closer together.
Apr 04, 2005