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Sentaurus Technology Template: Light-Triggered Thyristor 
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This Sentaurus TCAD project simulates the time-dependent switching characteristics of a light-triggered thyristor. In particular, the project investigates if a given light-beam intensity or light-beam radius is sufficient to trigger the thyristor.

Figure 1
Light-triggered thyristor generated by Sentaurus Structure Editor; concentrations of dopants in various regions are shown

Figure 2
Anode current as function of anode voltage (solid lines) for the light-triggered thyristor simulated with Sentaurus Device; corresponding optical electron-hole pair generation rate as function of time is given by dashed lines; light-beam radius and intensity are 20 µm/4 Wcm2 (red), 20 µm/5 Wcm2 (blue), and 80 µm/5 Wcm2 (green)

The simulation project is part of the Sentaurus TCAD distribution at: