TCAD Webcast Series 2008 

Thin Film Solar Cell Simulation 

Thin film solar cells are currently the focus of worldwide research and development efforts aimed at bringing to market more efficient and cost effective processes and designs. The Sentaurus TCAD tools have been widely applied to crystalline solar cells owing to their robust optoelectronic solvers and state-of-the-art device create capabilities. In this webcast we will discuss the application of Sentaurus TCAD to CdTe, CIGS, amorphous Si and multi-junction solar cells. After an overview of the optical and carrier transport models, we illustrate the practical application of the tools with several examples of technological significance, and demonstrate how engineers can use these tools to optimize their own designs.

Who Should Attend?
Process and device engineers working in thin film solar cells technologies, who are interested in learning how simulation can improve cell performance.

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