TCAD Application Power Devices Example 

Sentaurus Technology Template: SiC Schottky Diode 

This Sentaurus TCAD simulation project provides a template setup for the simulation of silicon-carbide devices. Special attention is given to the changes in the numeric accuracy settings required to simulate large bandgap materials such as silicon carbide. For the example of a Schottky diode, the forward IV and the reverse breakdown characteristics are simulated.

Figure 1
SiC Schottky diode generated by Sentaurus Structure Editor; concentrations of dopants in various regions are shown; donors 5x1018 cm3 (red) and donors 6x1015 cm3 (blue)

Figure 2
Reverse breakdown characteristics: anode current as a function of anode voltage for SiC Schottky diode simulated by Sentaurus Device

The simulation project is part of the Sentaurus TCAD distribution at:


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