TCAD Application Power Devices Example 

Sentaurus Technology Template: LDMOS Processing 

This Sentaurus TCAD simulation project provides a template setup for laterally diffused MOS (LDMOS) process simulations. The setup of the Sentaurus Workbench project supports Sentaurus Process simulations with a fixed meshing strategy as well as an adaptive meshing strategy. The Sentaurus Workbench template project also performs device simulations to extract key electrical parameters in order to facilitate customized calibration and optimization projects.

Figure 1
Close-up of n-well corner after well drive-in: (top) fixed meshing strategy and (bottom) adaptive meshing strategy; concentrations of dopants in various regions are shown.

Figure 2
Final device structure at end of process simulation: aluminum regions are gray, oxide regions are brown, and concentrations of dopants are shown in silicon body region and polysilicon gate.

Figure 3
Drain current as a function of drain voltage for LDMOS structures simulated with fixed meshing strategy and adaptive meshing strategy for gate biases of 4 V and 8 V.

The simulation project is part of the Sentaurus TCAD distribution at:


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