TCAD Application Bipolar Technologies Example 

Sentaurus Technology Template: SiGe HBT Processing 

Synopsys TCAD offers an extensive array of physical models to simulate silicon-germanium devices at both process and device simulation levels, including extraction of key device performance parameters.

This Sentaurus TCAD simulation project provides a template setup for SiGe HBT process simulations. The process simulations are performed by Sentaurus Process incorporating advanced models to treat lattice mismatch between germanium and silicon, and the effect of germanium on diffusion of dopants and point defects.

Figure 1
SiGe HBT device; concentrations of dopants in the various regions are shown; distances are in µm

Figure 2
Gummel plot for the SiGe HBT: base current (blue), collector current (red), and DC current gain (black)

The simulation project is part of the Sentaurus TCAD distribution at:


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