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Sentaurus Technology Template: Simulation of an Edge-emitting Laser  

This Sentaurus TCAD template provides a simple example of a GaAs edge-emitting laser simulation. Standard optical and electric characteristics of the devices are obtained. While the one-dimensional structure used in the template allows a quick calculation, the setup can be modified easily for a more realistic two-dimensional device. Therefore, the project can serve as a starting point for more elaborate edge-emitting laser device simulations.

Figure 1
Doping of edge-emitting laser structure (left) and bandgap profile corresponding to this structure (right); blue, yellow, and red correspond to doping concentration of -1018, 1015, and 5x1017 cm3, respectively.

Figure 2
Voltage (solid lines) and power (dashes) versus driving current for two different heat sink temperatures: 300°K (red) and 350°K (blue)

Figure 3
Gain spectrum below (solid lines) and above (dashes) the threshold for two different heat sink temperatures: 300°K (blue) and 350°K (red)

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