TCAD Application Bipolar Technologies Example 

Sentaurus Technology Template: Characterization of Bipolar Transistors 

This Sentaurus TCAD simulation project provides a template setup for the characterization of bipolar transistors. For bipolar transistors, the following simulations are performed: Gummel plots, a family of IcVce curves, junction breakdowns, and frequency analysis. The template is based on a Si0.84Ge0.16 heterojunction bipolar transistor (HBT); however, the project structure and input files can be used for any bipolar transistor with only minor modifications. For each of the simulated IV curves, relevant electrical parameters such as the DC current gain, the Early voltage, the junction breakdown voltages, ft, and fmax are extracted.

Figure 1
IcVce characteristics for an Si0.84Ge0.16 n-p-n HBT. Collector current as function of collector-emitter voltage for for base current levels 1, 2, 3, 4 µA/µm

Figure 2
|H21| as function of frequency for various base-emitter biases an Si0.84Ge0.16 n-p-n HBT.

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