TCAD Webcast Series 2008 

Modeling Non-volatile Memory Technologies with Sentaurus TCAD 
The spread of non-volatile memory devices has been phenomenal in recent years, and is fast replacing hard drives in terms of memory capacity and challenging DRAMs high speed capability. A new generation of non-volatile memory devices have kept scientists and designers busy researching and optimizing designs like SONOS memory, new materials like chalcogenide (GST) for Phase Change Memory, or means to pump charge into Nano Crystals to store information.

This webcast will present the capabilities of Synopsys’ Sentaurus TCAD tools for simulation of non-volatile memory devices including conventional Flash Memory, SONOS, Phase Change Memory (PCM), and Nano Crystal Memory, and discuss the methodology of simulating each. Important aspects such as creating the device structure and generating relevant electrical characteristics will be presented, along with discussions on proper choice of physical models to capture the effects of tunneling charge carriers, trapping mechanisms and so on. Designers new to TCAD methodology for non-volatile memory can benefit by learning the concept of virtual designs as a means of saving manufacturing costs. Experienced TCAD users will see new physical models for simulation of their technologies. Questions will be taken during the Q&A session at the conclusion of the presentation.

Who Should Attend?
TCAD engineers, device engineers, technology development engineers and managers involved in design and manufacture of non-volatile memory devices.

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