IC Compiler II - Accelerating Products to Market with the Power of 10X

On March 23, 2015, during the 25th annual Synopsys User Group (SNUG) in Silicon Valley, industry leaders shared how 10X faster throughput has transformed the way they think about product development, opening up a world of new opportunities. Watch this video to learn why, just one year after its introduction, IC Compiler II has proven to be a game-changer in physical design.
ARM, MediaTek , Renesas, Synopsys, Toshiba

In-Design Physical Verification Milestone

In this video, Synopsys Chairman and CEO, Dr. Aart de Geus shares his view on the broad and rapid adoption of this new technology and how it could change physical verification going forward.
Dr. Aart de Geus, Synopsys Chairman and CEO

Modern-era Custom Design

Tired of using two-generations-old EDA technology for your next-generation mixed-signal IC? Synopsys’ new custom design solution can quickly bring you into the modern era of custom chip design.
Joe Mastroianni, Synopsys VP of AMS R&D,

Get the Best Performance from PrimeTime

Karen Linser, staff applications engineer in Synopsys’ Implementation Group, describes a few easy ways for getting the best PrimeTime performance and achieving faster sign-off analysis.
Karen Linser


10X Faster Routing Runtime

Combine advanced routing algorithms with multi-threading technology, and you get a speed increase of >10X on quad-core machines.
Tong Gao, Synopsys Scientist and architect of Zroute

A System Level Design Strategy

The Electronics Technology Channel Unifying or Overrated: A System Level Design Strategy
Joachim Kunkel, Synopsys inc.

Perspective: Boost your design productivity

Design Compiler Graphical, the newest member of the Design Compiler product family, creates a better starting point for physical implementation and can shave weeks off your design schedule.
Antun Domic, senior vice president and general manager of Synopsys' Implementation Group

Small Delay Defects-The Need for Better At-Speed Tests

Manufacturing process variations can introduce small delays that adversely affect critical design paths, leading to circuit failures. Dr. T.W. Williams introduces technology developed at Synopsys to detect defects creating these delays, thereby increasing the test quality.
Tom Williams, Synopsys Fellow

Perspective: How to Improve Design TTR

John Chilton, senior vice president of Marketing and Business Development at Synopsys, talks about the importance of utilizing today’s widely-available multi-core processor-based compute infrastructures to accelerate design TTR.
John Chilton, senior vice president of Marketing and Business Development at Synopsys