Strategies in Light 2014 in Review 

At Strategies in Light, Synopsys' Optical Solutions Group showcased innovative solutions in LightTools® for LED and general lighting design challenges.

Products and Services
LightTools is an illumination design environment that integrates 3D CAD, optical modeling, and an interactive user interface to simplify the design of illumination applications, including LED die packaging and LED-driven illumination systems. Speak with our experts at Booth 419 to learn how to capitalize on LightTools' latest enhancements to further improve your design productivity.

  • Expanded multi-threaded processing support for dramatically faster backward ray trace analyses and photorealistic rendering
  • Targeted analysis of illuminance and intensity output charts expedite design troubleshooting
  • New swept and freeform objects accelerate creation of complex lighting components
  • New volume scattering types facilitate the design of biomedical optics
  • Expanded street and automotive lighting design and analysis
  • New utilities that provide illumination simulation data in easy-to-read, customizable formats
  • Enhanced modeling of optical surface scattering for small-feature design

We also provide illumination engineering services. Our design team can help you move your illumination system concept to market quickly while meeting your cost and manufacturing goals.

At the Strategies in Light 2014 trade show, Patrick LeHouillier and Jake Jacobsen talked about some of the new features in LightTools that were highlighted in the Synopsys booth.