CATS News, Fall 2015
Mask manufacturing at technology nodes below 20nm presents new challenges for mask lithography and verification. Release K-2015.09 of CATS breaks new ground in addressing these challenges. Read more about this latest release in this issue of the CATS Newsletter.
CATS News, Summer 2014
In June 2014 we released the latest version of CATS: J-2014.06. Since the last release, we delivered higher performance, better quality of results and improved functionality for advanced technology nodes. In this issue, we discuss the features and benefits of the new release.
Wafer Focus, Summer 2012
In this issue we focus on future device technologies with a contributed article on thin channel transistors and two articles covering recent trends in power electronics.
CATS News, Spring 2012
This newsletter highlights new capabilities in CATS which help increase efficiency of your MDP flows. These new capabilities include dynamic queue management (DQM) for DP jobs, in-die registration and manufacturing rules check and correct (MRCC).
Wafer Focus, Fall 2011
In this edition of Wafer Focus, read about photomask manufacturing while learning from industry experts some of the challenges engineers face as they utilize new technologies, as well as innovations to help counter these issues and keep the semiconductor industry moving forward.
CATS News, Spring 2011
The year 2011 marks the 25th anniversary of CATS and thanks to our supportive and demanding customers it continues to be the industry's most widely used mask data preparation solution. This issue of CATS News offers details on new capabilities for verification and metrology.
Wafer Focus, Fall 2010
Given the impact of cost and time to market on our industry, this issue of Wafer Focus provides insight into how the area of yield is changing.
Wafer Focus, Spring 2010
This newsletter provides semiconductor manufacturing software professionals with information related to the software that enables and optimizes "wafer-based" manufacturing processes.
CATS News, Spring 2010
As you prepare to address the latest challenges in mask manufacturing you can be assured that Synopsys will stand by you with continuous innovations and enhancements to the industry's most widely used MDP solution - CATS.