PrimeTime ECO Guidance Technology 


PrimeTime ECO Guidance technology uses signoff-driven analysis to efficiently identify ECO changes for DRC and timing fixes at block or chip level, shortening tape-out schedules by weeks. Multi-scenario enabled physical-aware ECO guidance reduces the time and iterations required to reach timing closure on congested designs. In addition, PrimeTime ECO Guidance can take advantage of positive timing slack to identify leakage power reduction changes to the netlist without creating new timing violations.

An optimized interface with IC Compiler allows ECO fixes to be efficiently implemented. Physically-aware ECO Guidance works closely with IC Compiler’s Minimum Physical Impact (MPI) technology, allowing routing and placement-aware fixes that maximize fix rates by minimizing disruption to an existing layout – something that’s especially important for congested designs.

PrimeTime ECO Guidance

Press Release
Synopsys Speeds Timing Closure with Advanced Signoff-driven ECO Guidance

PrimeTime ECO SIG Event
  • PrimeTime SIG at DAC 2014
      Customer presentations are available for download via SolvNet
  • PrimeTime SIG at DAC
      Customer presentations are available for download via SolvNet
  • PrimeTime SIG at SNUG India
    • Customer presentations are available for download via SolvNet

Achieving multi-scenario signoff quickly and predictably using timing-driven ECO
Physically-Aware ECO for Faster Timing Closure
Synopsys introduced PrimeTime’s next generation ECO technology (written in Japanese)

Samsung Saves 20% Total Power on FinFET Designs with PrimeTime Signoff-driven ECO Streamlining Your ECO Flow For Fastest Setup, Hold and Timing DRC Closure
Save Weeks Fixing ECOs with PrimeTime and IC Compiler
Faster ECO Fixing Flows With PrimeTime and IC Compiler

White Paper
Signoff-Driven Timing Closure ECO in the Synopsys Galaxy Platform - English / Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese

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