PrimeTime Special Interest Group (SIG) 2011 – EDS Fair Japan 

The Synopsys PrimeTime SIG is an active community for all PrimeTime users and design engineers who want to stay connected with the latest developments in the field of Static Timing Analysis (STA).

PrimeTime SIG 2011 – EDS Fair Japan
A PrimeTime SIG event was held in Yokohama, Japan during EDS Fair on January 28, 2011. One hundred PrimeTime users and managers attended the event from more than thirty semiconductor companies. The topic of this SIG event was PrimeTime’s Next Generation ECO Technology. The audience saw a preview of PrimeTime’s latest innovation in ECO guidance technology with results of 10X faster, better quality of results (QoR), and with less ECO changes. Timing experts from four major semiconductor companies participated in a question and answer panel along with Synopsys to discuss this new technology and its benefit of reducing the turn-around-time of their design cycles.

EDSFair 2011 article: Synopsys introduced PrimeTime’s next generation ECO technology.

Hideki Yamada
Assistant to Senior Manager, Design Methodology Technology Development Analog Imaging IC Division
Toshiba Semiconductor

Isao Tanaka
Chief Engineer
System LSI Technology Development Center
Semiconductor Company, Panasonic Corporation

Hiroshi Ikeda
Director, IP & Technology Development and Manufacturing Unit, Technology Development Division
Fujitsu Semiconductor

Michio Komoda
Senior Engineer, Back-end Design Technology Development Department, Platform Integration Division, Technology Development Unit
Renesas Electronics Corporation

William (Bill) Shu
Director R&D, PrimeTime

The event was held during lunch during which the attendees had the opportunity to talk with industry peers and PrimeTime R&D.

Kazuhiko Iijima, Technical Vice President, Japan, Synopsys, Inc.

Bill Shu, Director, R&D, Synopsys, Inc.

100 users and managers learn about innovation in ECO guidance technology

Question and answer session with panelists.

Panelists and Synopsys: Michio Komoda of Renesas Electronics Corp., Hiroshi Ikeda of Fujitsu Semiconductor, Bill Shu of Synopsys, Isao Tanaka of Semiconductor Company - Panasonic, Hideki Yamada of Toshiba Semiconductor, Kazuhiko Iijima of Synopsys

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