Test SIG Event at ITC 2014

View this video of the 22nd Annual Test SIG Event at ITC 2014 and hear test experts from leading companies present on how they are deploying significant new capabilities in Synopsys’ synthesis-based test solution to reduce test time, increase silicon test quality and ramp up yield.
Naveen Mysore, Avago Technologies; Ying-Yen Chen, Realtek Semiconductor ; Saman Adham, TSMC Ottawa Design Center; Nelly Feldman, STMicroelectronics

Introduction to DFTMAX and TetraMAX 2013.12 Features

Learn about the important new capabilities available in the 2013.12 releases of DFTMAX compression and TetraMAX ATPG.
Julie Villar, Corporate Applications Engineer, Synopsys

Test SIG Event at ITC 2013

At Synopsys’ Special Interest Group (SIG) event at ITC 2013, Test experts from Synopsys and STMicroelectronics introduced new Synopsys test technologies, DFTMAX Ultra and DesignWare STAR Hierarchical System. In these videos, you will learn why and how leading companies are deploying these technologies to boost compression, significantly lower test costs and improve turnaround time implementing hierarchical test for large SoCs and IP.
Rohit Kapur, Scientist, Synopsys; Swapnil Bahl, SoC Test and Diagnosis Team Lead, STMicroelectronics; Yervant Zorian, Fellow and Chief Architect, Synopsys and Charutosh Dixit, Test Engineering Manager, LSI Corporation

New Test Technologies at ITC 2013
Synopsys Announces New Test Technologies at ITC 2013

Learn about Synopsys' exciting technology announcements at ITC 2013 in this interview.
Yervant Zorian, Chief Architect, Synopsys


Introducing DFTMAX Ultra, a new synthesis-based test product that delivers higher compression to reduce silicon test costs.
Antun Domic, General Manager, Implementation Group, Synopsys

Introduction to Synthesis-Based Test

Watch this short video to learn about Synopsys’ Synthesis-Based Test technology and Test product portfolio.
Arif Samad, VP Engineering, Synopsys

Accelerate Product Ramp with TetraMAX ATPG and Yield Explorer

Girish Patankar discusses diagnostics in TetraMAX ATPG, accuracy improvements with physical diagnostics, and how TetraMAX ATPG and Yield Explorer form a complete solution for volume diagnostics.
Girish Patankar, Sr. R&D Manager

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