Small Delay Defect ATPG 

Manufacturing process variations introduce systematic defects that can lead to failures when the affected devices operate at full speed. Although transition delay ATPG has long been effective in screening out parts that contain delay defects, at 90nm and below many of these delays are too subtle to detect using this traditional approach.

Synopsys has responded to this challenge by developing new test pattern generation technology, called small delay defect ATPG, that uses precise timing information from PrimeTime® to target even the most subtle delay defects in fabricated devices. The new TetraMAX® capability has been proven in silicon to screen defective devices that often pass standard transition delay testing.

TetraMAX's small delay defect ATPG makes it possible to boost test quality without incurring unnecessary yield loss, thereby reducing defective parts per million (DPPM) and lowering the cost of production testing.

Small Delay Defects: The Need for Better At-Speed Tests
Manufacturing process variations can introduce small delays that adversely affect critical design paths, leading to circuit failures. Dr. T.W. Williams introduces technology developed at Synopsys to detect defects creating these delays, thereby increasing the test quality.

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