Success Stories 

STMicroelectronics Noida Quickly Achieves Advanced Video Compression with Synphony C Compiler
"Even with no RTL experience, we were able to complete this complex digital video hardware IP design in 9 months with two engineers."
Ravin Sachdeva, Technical Leader, STMicroelectronics

Etron Achieves First-Silicon Success of USB3.0 SoC Using Synopsys Proven Solutions
Etron is a leading fabless IC design and product company offering cutting-edge Known-Good-Die (KGD) and packaged ICs, including DDR DRAM, SDR DRAM, low power SDRAM, and system chips. Etron's ICs are widely used in various emerging applications, such as storage, display, handset, PDA, and multimedia devices.
Dr. Nicky C. C. Lu , CEO and Chairman, Etron Technology, Inc.

DFT MAX compression and TetraMAX ATPG enable higher-quality testing at LG Electronics
“Using DFT MAX compression to reduce test data volume for our new HDTV chip allowed us to apply all the test patterns at one time and take full advantage of the higher test quality possible with DSM tests.”
Woo-Hyun Paik, LG's System IC Business Team, Synopsys

Formality Increases Progate Group Corporation Designer Productivity with Faster Runtimes
“Meeting the tapeout schedule is critical in the turnkey design services business. Formality® successfully verified our datapath-intensive wireless LAN design in one-fifth the time. DC Ultra and Formality are a winning combination for meeting our performance goals in the shortest possible time.”
Jasper Lee, Technical Design Manager, Progate Group Corporation

DC Ultra delivers superior performance with higher predictability for PLX Technology
“We see on average 10-15% superior performance with DC Ultra. Its topographical technology predicts results that are within 5% of post layout results cutting weeks off of our implementation time. Superior performance with higher predictability is what drives us to use DC Ultra for all our synthesis needs.”
Syed Ahmed , Engineering Director, PLX Technology

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