SeaMicro Speeds Low-Power Servers to Market with Synplify Pro  


SeaMicro high-density, low-power servers
Over the last decade the requirement for higher capacity servers has increased significantly, which has resulted in a corresponding increase in power consumption by these data servers. While traditional approaches to mitigate these power inefficiencies have focused on the microprocessor, SeaMicro takes the more holistic approach of considering multiple technology domains, including developing custom silicon, to deliver high-density, low-power servers optimized to handle the most common internet workloads.

Designed to replace 60 1 RU dual socket quad core servers, SeaMicro’s flagship product, the SM10000-64HD integrates 768
64-bit x86 Intel Atom cores, top of rack Ethernet switching, server management, and application load balancing in a single 10 RU "plug and play" standards-based server. The SM10000-64HD uses 1/4 the power and takes 1/6 the space of today's best in class volume server without requiring any modifications to existing software. Learn more about SeaMicro's SM10000-64HD™server.

Synopsys tools for fast turnaround and superior performance
With new product introductions at a high rate of three per year, SeaMicro needs the ability to quickly verify each design, fully and completely. By using Synopsys’ Synplify Pro FPGA synthesis solution to implement complex prototypes of their designs, SeaMicro was able to meet timing and area targets so that the design could be fully validated.

Synopsys' Synplify Pro FPGA solution, a timing-driven synthesis tool that first meets timing requirements and then performs additional optimizations to minimize area, helped SeaMicro mitigate project risk, save development costs and meet aggressive design goals in shorter timeframes. Learn more about Synopsys Synplify Pro Synthesis solution.

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