FPGA Design Tools for Military & Aerospace Applications 


Thank you for your interest in Synopsys’ FPGA design solutions for military and aerospace applications.

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Synopsys, A Trusted Supplier of FPGA Design Solutions that Provide Significant Advantages for Military and Aerospace Applications

  • High Reliability
  • Technology Independence
  • High Performance Through Optimization
  • Support for DO-254 Compliance
  • High-Level RTL Synthesis
  • Fast Debug and Verification

Hardware designers who target military and aerospace applications have special requirements that demand powerful, highly reliable design tools and methodologies. It is critical that the tools used in development of these applications not only understand the conditions under which the applications operate, but also the special development requirements needed to create them.

At Synopsys, we leverage our many years and wide range of design tool experience to deliver high-quality, high-performance and technology-independent solutions for FPGAs that will ultimately end up in space or other harsh operating environments. Our proven development process and widely used FPGA design tools can help designers to meet their requirements without compromising safety or performance.

For more information on Synopsys FPGA Design Tools please visit our FPGA Implementation webpage.

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