FPGA Implementation 

Fast, High-Performance FPGA Synthesis 

Synopsys Synplify® FPGA design software provides a high-quality, high-performance, and easy-to-use FPGA implementation and debug environment. Designers using Synopsys’ FPGA tool suite gain fast time-to-results for complex FPGAs, area optimization for both cost and power reduction, automation for soft error mitigation, hierarchical design capabilities and multi-FPGA vendor support. The Synplify Pro® and Synplify Premier FPGA design tools provide additional value by offering links to high-performance functional verification with VCS® simulation and integration with Synphony Model Compiler for high-level synthesis of signal processing hardware.

To learn more about Synopsys' FPGA design tools, read the whitepapers or download a FREE product evaluation of Synplify.

For a detailed comparison of the features available in Synplify Pro and Synplify Premier tools, see the Feature Comparison Chart.


Industry-standard synthesis software for producing high-performance, cost-effective FPGA designs.

Advanced suite of tools that delivers fastest time to FPGA implementation, design debug, highly reliable design, and automation of FPGA-based prototyping.

  • Fast runtime and incremental capabilities for fastest time-to-results
  • Best quality of results (QoR) for timing performance in the industry
  • Logic area minimization for part cost and power reduction
  • Multi-FPGA vendor re-targeting from a single RTL source
  • HDL Analyst schematic viewer for fast debug and constraints setting
  • Automation for SEU mitigation including TMR, duplicate with compare, safe FSM implementation and inference of ECC memories
  • 3rd party and FPGA vendor IP support
  • Ability to debug an operating FPGA directly in RTL code
  • Integration with Synphony Model Compiler for DSP algorithm implementation
  • Analysis tools for dynamic power consumption reduction
  • Support for FPGA-based prototypes including gated and generated clock conversion
  • Support for Synopsys DesignWare building blocks and DesignWare digital cores to ensure ASIC flow compatibility
  • Team design for distributed and parallel design development with hybrid top-down/ bottom-up flows
  • Flow automation and customization including Batch Mode, Tcl and Find

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