Custom Implementation 

Accelerating Innovations in Modern-era Custom Implementation  

Galaxy Custom Designer™ leverages Synopsys’ Galaxy™ Design Platform to provide a unified solution for cell-based and custom designs, thereby enhancing SoC design efficiency and productivity. Built from the ground up, Custom Designer was architected for productivity. It is the first-ever custom implementation solution built on an open architecture supporting interoperable process design kits (PDKs) from leading foundries. Custom Designer delivers unmatched productivity with a common use model for simulation, analysis, parasitic extraction and physical verification.

In addition to facilitating innovation with its open architecture, Custom Designer dramatically enhances productivity by seamlessly bridging the gap between the historically disparate worlds of digital and custom design. Custom Designer enables complete data transparency with Synopsys’ IC Compiler physical implementation solution, allowing the exchange of vital information during floorplanning, placement, routing and final chip editing to reduce time-consuming design iterations.


Custom IC design and layout solution

Chip-level layout editor for chip finishing operations

Flat panel display editor

Automated test chip development platform

  • Helix
  • Device-level placement for custom IC designmore

Options for augmenting mixed-signal design flows

Key Benefits
  • Schematic editor featuring on-canvas editing and dynamic net highlighting
  • Pushbutton DRC and extraction
  • Standard TCL & Python P-cells
  • Automatic via & guardring generation
  • Common use model for HSPICE®, HSIM™ XA, NanoSim® XA and WaveView Analyzer™
  • Real-time preview of P-cell parameter changes
  • Dynamic availability of results from Hercules™ DRC/LVS and Star-RCXT™
  • Full custom chip and block authoring flows
  • Capacity and performance for modern designs
  • Comprehensive debugging
  • Unified environment
  • Familiar look-and-feel
  • Best-in-class TTR

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