Synthesizable Library for FPGAs  

ZeBuWare – Synthesizable Library for FPGAs compatible with Synopsys’ DesignWare Library (ZW-FPGA)

When implementing an ASIC design on an FPGA prototype, it is often the case that the original ASIC design uses DesignWare® Foundation components, which are not readily available for an FPGA implementation.

ZW-FPGA is a library from Synopsys that offers RTL source code for the most commonly used DesignWare Foundation Library components. ZW-FPGA has been tested to synthesize properly with both Synplify® Pro and Xilinx ISE™ XST synthesis tools.

It is compatible with any off-the-shelf and custom FPGA prototype board, not just with ZeBu fast emulators.

Download the ZeBuWare Datasheet.


  • Supports most DesignWare Foundation Library models
  • Compatible with Synplify Pro and Xilinx ISE™ XST synthesizers
  • Compatible with all FPGA prototype boards, commercial or custom
  • Verilog and VHDL source code provided
  • Unlimited usage covered under one source license

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