ESL Co-Emulation 


Electronic System-Level (ESL) design is rapidly growing in popularity. However, its adoption can be slowed down by legacy RTL blocks that have no corresponding ESL representation. Co-simulating between ESL and an RTL simulator degrades performance and doesn't allow you to reach the full potential of ESL environments.

ESL Co-Emulation with ZeBu removes that limitation. The ZeBu compiler can accept any RTL block, no matter how large or complex, and turn it into an ESL compatible model functioning at millions of transactions per second, thanks to ZeBu's high-performance emulation and transaction-level modeling.

ZeBu Co-emulation is optimized to work with Synopsys Virtualizer, as well as 3rd-party ESL tools to ease the integration effort of building such platforms.

Solutions: Transaction-Level Modeling

See also: Virtualizer

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