TCAD Application Power Devices Example 

Sentaurus Technology Template: IGBT Characterization 

This Sentaurus TCAD simulation project provides a template setup for IGBT device characterization. IcVge curves and a family of IcVce curves are simulated for an IGBT at different device temperatures. In addition, the off-state breakdown as well as the timedependent switching characteristics are simulated.

Figure 1
Top portion of IGBT device generated by Sentaurus Structure Editor; concentrations of dopants in various regions are shown

Figure 2
Collector current as function of collector voltage for IGBT devices simulated with Sentaurus Device; gate bias for curves is 5 V (green), 4 V (blue), and 3 V (red); results for device temperature of 300 K (solid lines) and 425 K (dashed lines) are shown

The simulation project is part of the Sentaurus TCAD distribution at:


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