TCAD Webinar Series 2009  

Simulation of Multi-Junction Solar Cells Using TCAD Sentaurus 

Over the last few years, photovoltaic technology has experienced a resurgence due to the growing awareness of the impact of carbon emissions on the Earth’s climate and the attendant need to develop clean energy sources. Among the many types of solar cells being researched and deployed in the field are multi-junction designs. Initially developed for satellite solar panels, multi-junction solar cells are now being deployed on terrestrial PV installations and hold the world record for efficiency.

This webinar will address the design and optimization of multi-junction solar cells using the TCAD Sentaurus tools from Synopsys. Upon reviewing key physical models and aspects of structure generation, we will present simulation case studies illustrating the optimization of the sub-cells and the overall structure.

Who Should Attend?
This webinar is intended for engineers and physicists interested in multi-junction solar cell development. Prior experience with simulation tools is not required.

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