Environment for managing and visualizing TCAD projects 
Sentaurus Workbench

Sentaurus Workbench is a complete graphical environment for creating, managing, executing and analyzing TCAD simulations. Its intuitive graphical user interface allows users to efficiently navigate and automate the typical tasks associated with running TCAD simulations such as managing the information flow, including preprocessing of user input files, parameterizing projects, setting up and executing tool instances, and visualizing results with appropriate viewers. The use of mathematical and logical expressions serves to preprocess the simulation input dynamically.

Sentaurus Workbench includes a command and mask layout interface to create, edit and organize process flows. Higher levels of abstraction support user-defined libraries that can map wafer fabrication process modules or electrical test programs.

With Sentaurus Workbench, users can automatically generate design-of-experiment splits and can distribute simulation jobs across a computer network.

  • Efficient and streamlined organization of simulation projects
  • Minimal user interaction to automate and simplify large-scale simulations
  • Convenient hierarchical representation of process simulations with support for libraries and hierarchical repositories of process recipes
  • Comprehensive parameterization of simulations
  • Easy-to-implement optimization and sensitivity analysis
  • Advanced 1D, 2D and 3D visualization of TCAD structures and simulation results
Sentaurus Workbench Advanced

The advanced option available in Sentaurus Workbench includes optimization and calibration features. The Optimizer is an analysis tool designed for parametric studies in large-scale projects with hundreds of individual simulators. It can be used for iterative optimization, sensitivity analysis and uncertainty analysis. The Calibration Kit assists users in performing efficient SIMS calibration of the process simulators Sentaurus Process, Taurus TSUPREM-4 and Dios to specific process conditions for increased accuracy and predictability. It serves as a SIMS database browser as well as a simulation and project manager.

  • Comprehensive support for design-of-experiments and response surface modeling
  • Convenient graphical user interface for sensitivity and uncertainty analysis
  • Link to SIMS databases such as the Calibration Library
  • Versatile calibration environment for process simulators
  • Fast and inexpensive analysis and optimization of process technology
Sentaurus Workbench Visualization

Sentaurus Workbench Visualization is an advanced visualization tool option that provides features for both X-Y plots and advanced visualization. Inspect is a plotting and analysis tool for X-Y data, such as doping profiles and electrical characteristics of semiconductor devices. Tecplot SV* provides extensive 2D and 3D visualization capabilities. Its versatility and high-quality output means that Tecplot SV gives users total control in order to obtain all types of plot required.

  • User-friendly graphical user interface for advanced visualization
  • Convenient manipulation and visualization of data
  • Powerful macro language
  • High-quality print output
  • Convenient interface for visualization and analysis of X-Y data

*Enhanced with Visualization Software from Tecplot Inc. of Bellevue, Washington, U.S.A.