Inverse Synthesizer 


Based on patented Inverse Lithography Technology (ILT), Inverse Synthesizer is a complete replacement for optical proximity correction (OPC) technologies used for sub-wavelength lithography resolution enhancement. The Inverse Synthesizer enables the user to synthesize the entire mask for critical sub-32nm layers, given a set of lithography process conditions. Results obtained on printed silicon demonstrate that the Inverse Synthesizer produces significantly better pattern fidelity and larger lithography process windows than what is possible with state-of-the-art OPC. In addition, the Inverse Synthesizer substantially reduces mask-design cycle time for 45-nm and 32-nm integrated circuit (IC) manufacturing

Inverse Synthesizer is the first mask synthesis solution to transition beyond OPC software while fitting seamlessly into existing tape-out flows. It is the only automated resolution enhancement technology (RET) that starts directly with the desired IC pattern on the wafer, explores the entire available optical lithography space by mathematical inversion, and ultimately delivers a full-chip mask pattern that generates maximum design fidelity with the broadest possible process window. With its fast computational speed and high degree of accuracy, the Inverse Synthesizer is already patterning advanced-node features rendered "extremely difficult-to-print" by existing OPC techniques. In addition, Inverse Synthesizer can extend the more-economical 193-nm dry lithography instead of immersion for printing certain 45-nm critical layers and delay the need for more advanced immersion scanners for 32-nm designs.

Key Product Features:

  • Full chip mask generation based on performance and manufacturability
  • "Manhattanization" of mask to determine mask manufacturability
  • Co-optimize DOF, MEEF, and mask shot count