Zroute Technology in IC Compiler  

Zroute is the fully integrated router in IC Compiler. It was developed from the ground up to take full advantage of the newest multi-core microprocessor architectures and to solve emerging manufacturability challenges in IC design. Zroute’s architecture incorporates state-of-the-art routing technology, such as native support of soft rules, litho-friendly routing and avoid manufacturing problems. By simultaneously considering the impact of manufacturing rules, as well as timing and other design goals, Zroute delivers high QoR and improved manufacturability. Zroute was developed to take advantage of modern multi-core compute platforms. Utilizing a combination of advanced routing algorithms and multi-threading technology, Zroute has shown a combined speed increase of more than 10X on customer designs running on quad-core machines.

10X Faster Routing Runtime
Combine advanced routing algorithms with multi-threading technology, and you get a speed increase of >10X on quad-core machines.

Tong Gao, Synopsys Scientist and architect of Zroute, provides some insight.

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