White Papers 

Design of Embedded Vision Processors
In this paper, we discuss how Programmable Accelerators or ASIPs (Application Specific Instruction-set Processors) can help meet these challenges and introduce a simple and efficient ASIP design methodology using Synopsys Embedded Vision Development System. Taking the example of Canny Edge detection with an initial C/C++ implementation in the OpenCV library, we demonstrate how a basic RISC processor can be specialized for this vision application and achieve the power-performance balance for implementation on embedded devices.
Bo Wu, Ph.D., Technical Marketing Manager, Synopsys Inc.

Custom Processors: A Better Way of Dealing with Design Changes
This white paper provides you with the understanding of how custom processors offer the flexibility needed to deal with multiple standards, multiple modes and late design changes as well as help minimize verification effort. By means of specialization, they also offer an attractive trade-off between power, performance and area. This makes them ideal for use in a wide variety of applications including video, audio, security, networking, baseband, control and industrial automation applications.
Achim Nohl, Synopsys Inc. and Tom De Schutter, Synopsys Inc.

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