Synphony C Compiler Applications Overview
According to the ITRS roadmap, the number and complexity of application accelerators (video codec, wireless modem) will continue to increase along with the demand for better, faster, cheaper products. To remain competitive, dramatic productivity gains are required. The only way to achieve these gains is by elevating the level of abstraction for design significantly above RTL yet maintaining the Quality of Results (QoR) comparable to manual design. The higher the abstraction level and better the QoR provided by high-level synthesis tools, the bigger the productivity gains will be.

Synphony C Compiler Applications Wireless
Wireless communicaion is everywhere and will only become more ubiquitous -- we want to work and live without wires. There are more and more standards and increasing numbers of protocols to support.

Synphony C Compiler Applications Video
Video usage over the past few years have been growing at an explosive rate. From TV’s, computers to handheld devices, the ability for the user to quickly create and view high quality video content is a key differentiator in the consumer market.

Synphony C Compiler Applications Imaging
From taking better pictures on a camera to improved medical diagnostics, imaging applications touch every aspect of daily life.

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