High-Level Synthesis Applications 


According to the ITRS roadmap, the number and complexity of application accelerators (video codec, wireless modem) will continue to increase along with the demand for better, faster, cheaper products. To remain competitive, dramatic productivity gains are required. The only way to achieve these gains is by elevating the level of abstraction for design significantly above RTL yet maintaining the Quality of Results (QoR) comparable to manual design. The higher the abstraction level and better the QoR provided by high-level synthesis tools, the bigger the productivity gains will be.

Synphony C Compiler creates application accelerators from untimed C for complex processing hardware that is often required in video, imaging, wireless, security and other domains. Its high level synthesis methodology offers the highest possible level of abstraction for large designs and has been proven to provide huge productivity gains on the largest production designs, not just on small blocks. Synphony delivers QoR competitive to manual design using a unique parallelizing compiler and multi-level hierarchical abstraction. Synphony has several additional unique technologies to drive optimal QoR. Examples include multi-level power optimization, advanced hardware sharing among blocks and intuitive performance feedback. Synphony enables high-level verification at the C level delivering 100x speed-up.

Synphony C Compiler has been adopted and deployed by leading customers in production designs for multiple tapeouts.

Only Synphony C Compiler delivers the best productivity through abstraction and QoR.