White Papers 

Link Adaptation in LTE/LTE-Advanced
This article discusses link adaptation and channel-state information reporting in LTE/LTE-Advanced systems and uses an implementation of LTE Downlink using Synopsys SPW to demonstrate the features of these techniques and the possible performance gains that can be achieved by the base station taking into account one or more of the recommendations communicated to it by the mobile terminal.
Vafa Ghazi-Moghadam, R&D Engineer, Synopsys, Inc.

Overcoming LTE PHY Design Challenges Using System-level Design Methodologies
This white paper introduces some of the design challenges that may be encountered in designing the physical layer (PHY) for LTE and how Synopsys' DSP algorithm design tools create executable specs to overcome them.
Louie Valena, Corporate Applications Engineer, Nihon Synopsys G.K.

Efficient Design and Verification of Digital Communication Systems
LTE and WiMAX are key contenders for next generation mobile phone system. Both standards are excellent examples to highlight the huge complexity involved in modern communication algorithms. This increasing complexity is the trigger for new design methodologies and tools. This white paper provides a detailed analysis on the elements that determine algorithm design and verification efficiency for LTE and WiMAX communications systems. The concept of efficiency is discussed for modeling, simulation, reuse, and verification. Different methodologies and simulation solutions are then compared, providing the reader with specific algorithm design requirements.
Markus Willems, Ph.D., Product Marketing Manager, Synopsys and Holger Keding, Ph.D., Corporate Application Engineer, Synopsys.

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