Expert Training and Support Services 

Synopsys backs its industry-leading products with top-rated service and support available around the clock—and around the world. From Customer Training and SolvNet online support to the Global Support Centers and Synopsys Professional Services, Synopsys delivers the essential expertise and personal attention required to get the most from your tool investment, help keep your project on schedule, and accelerate your proficiency and productivity with Synopsys technology.


Customer Training

Synopsys’ expert instruction and practical, hands-on workshops are the foundation for design success and will help you maximize productivity with your Synopsys tools. An extensive course catalog --ranging from basic tool training to advanced flow workshops-- is delivered by Synopsys experts and available worldwide at Synopsys training centers, at your location or, as an option for private training, through the online Virtual Classroom.

SolvNet Online Support

Get instant online access to the self-help resources you need to resolve many support issues. Your SolvNet userID unlocks documentation, software downloads and a comprehensive, searchable knowledgebase that provides solutions to frequently encountered problems. SolvNet also features free, self-paced training on the latest product updates and proven methodologies along with a convenient way to open, update and monitor your support case.

Global Support Centers

Synopsys technical support centers are staffed by experienced design engineers with specialized knowledge of Synopsys technology. They are trained to understand, diagnose and resolve problems of all levels of technical complexity. If you can’t find a solution on SolvNet, open a support case, and a product specialist will research your issue, follow up with you, and, if necessary, leverage a global team of Synopsys experts, including R&D, to solve your problem.

Licensing, Installation, Compute Platforms

The latest information about how to install, upgrade and manage your Synopsys licenses.